We give you control of your pallets

Freight Unlimited connects customers with shipping needs with carriers that have the available capacity and service offerings.

We work with a network of more than 5000+ carriers to create greater supply chain efficiencies for our customers. This network, combined with our industry leading technology and unmatched service, has been the key to our growth, plain and simple.

Our Mission: Exceed the customers' expectations at all times and handle their transportation requirements from the moment of pickup until delivery 24/7/365

We are always dedicated to give best service
Why you Choose us

Freight Unlimited Company provides full range of services: Warehouse in texas, Brokering, Carrier services and also we have more than 5000 lease agreements with our trusted carriers.


We will continue to grow through our commitment to be the leading service provider in the industry. New customers and carriers turn to us daily to solve their transportation needs with competitive pricing, continuous communication and a commitment to do it right every time.


By delivering the highest level of professional service, reliability, and peace of mind to customers and carriers 24/7/365, we have become one of the largest and most trusted freight brokerage firms in Texas, employing more than 1000+ people.